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A cooking game in which the player faces a litany of cooks specializing in different areas of expertise. Culinary Clash tells a story of food, and the important connection it brings. Currently a work in progress.

Spirit Catcher

In a world where undead spirits cause havoc among the living, 'Spirit Catchers' must maintain balance. These magic-users take the role of protectors, subduing malignant beings in order to preserve the mortal world.


Places and objects within the world.


Penbridge, a small mountain town filled with odd residents, has hidden itself away from the world for the past 100 years. That is until a traveler stumbles across it, slowly unraveling the dark past lurking in the woods.


Locations within Penbridge, both past and present.


A group of grandmothers take the supernatural occurrences happening within their town into their own hands.

Teacup Knights

A family of knights makes their living selling tea, which becomes much more complicated in a world full of monstrous plants.


In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, a man finds out the virus spreads to vehicles as well.


Reference sheets and ideation pages for characters or monsters I have created.

Props / Backgrounds

A collection of props and backgrounds I have created.


I'm an illustrator and concept artist based in Colorado. I currently attend SCAD, and I am studying for a B.F.A in illustration with a minor in concept art for games and animation. I love creating fantastical characters and telling stories through design. I also love snakes and the color yellow!If you have any questions, inquiries, or want my resume, feel free to email me at